Movie | L’Enfant au grelot, Le Silence sous l’écorce and Précieux

“Précieux” by Paul Mas (2020)

13 minutes

Julie can’t fit in at her school. The arrival of Émile, an autistic child, will change the situation. Watch the trailer!


“L’Enfant au grelot” by Jacques-Rémy Girerd (1998)

26 minutes 

A Christmas tale… with an orphan fallen from the sky in his wicker basket, in the middle of a fairy tale forest. Who is it? Where is he from? The mystery is dissipated when a chubby and depressed Santa Claus appears, desperate to have lost his own son while doing his rounds… The orphanage is populated by a turbulent kids under the leadership of a director with a big heart like that . The village postman, silhouette à la Tati, speaks with a southern accent. And the decorations, stylized with crayon, joyfully let the material and the grain of the paper vibrate. Watch the trailer !


“Le Silence sous l’écorce” by Joanna Lurie (2009)

11 minutes – No talking

In a giant forest covered with a great white coat, funny little creatures discover the snow, so white, so beautiful, so fascinating. She takes them away in a whirlwind of intoxication and joy to encounter strange phenomena. A nocturnal tale full of tenderness. Watch the trailer !


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