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The Animation Film Festival celebrates its 21st edition this year!

A well-known annual event for French cinema, the Animation Film Festival, organized by the Association française du cinema d’animation and the Institut français, is being held this year from October 12 to 31 all around the world, on the theme “bad reputation”. 

In Cambodia, the Institut français du Cambodge has chosen to celebrate the Festival from October 26 to October 29 ! For 4 days, IFC invites you to discover shorts and feature films, as well as a range of workshops organized in parallel with the Media Library team. A rich and varied program for young audiences!

Each screening is paired with a workshop organized by the Media Library team (except for On-Gaku: Our Sound !)
Full price: $2 per movie screening, $3 per workshop
Package: $5 (screening + workshop)
Festival pass: $15 (4 screenings + 4 workshops)
Tickets on sale at the reception desk of the Institut français from October 26.

Wednesday October 26

at 2pm

Monstruosas” by various directors

68 minutes – Multilingual, English subtitles

An anthology of seven short films where revenge and excess are kings and where the female characters are neither sweet nor kind. The perfect opportunity to break the clichés and do us a lot of good while hurting us a little…

Anxious Body by Yoriko Mizushiri (2021) – 5 min
Living beings, inanimate objects, geometric shapes and lines. From the contact of these different entities a new direction is born.
Bestia by Hugo Covarrubias (2021) 15 min
Based on real events, “Bestia” explores the life of a secret police agent during the military dictatorship in Chile. Her relationship with her dog, her body, her fears and her frustrations reveal a grim fracture of her mind and country.
Flayed by Joachim Herisse (2022) – 15 min
In an old building lost in the middle of the swamps live two strange women, conjoined by one leg. At night, the Flayed has terrifying nightmares where she sees her sister’s flesh covering her own body.
Godzalina by Lucile Paras (2021) – 4 min
In Paris, a young woman victim of street harassment and a creature whose cry makes her opponents shrink decide to go and settle accounts with overly intrusive men.
The Roberts Fairy by Léahn Vivier-Chapas (2021) – 13 min
Who, the dancing lioness or the little girl being trained, will play the role best? The Roberts Fairy will know who is really worthy of attention.
Seniors 3000 by Julien David (2022) – 16 min
A biomechanical fusion between Marlène, secretary in office for 30 years and the printer model x3000 will generate a new generation of workers: the seniors 3000. The revolution of the world of work is underway!…”

+ Media Library workshop after the screening: Make your own doudou! (3:15 pm – 4 pm) from 5 years old

Fabric, thread, scissors, beads and recycled objects… express your creativity and develop your imagination during these artistic and fun workshops.
Registration via : [email protected]

At 6:30pm

On-Gaku: Our Sound !” by Kenji Iwaisawa (2020)

71 minutes – Japanese version with English subtitles

A group of marginal high school students led by Kenji decides to create a music group, without knowing how to play. The Kobujutsu group was born.. Watch the trailer!


Thursday, October 27 at 3:30pm

The Tiger Who Came to Tea” by various directors

 40 minutes – Multilingual, English subtitles

What would you do if a giant tiger knocked on your door one afternoon, to eat your afternoon tea, devour the simmering dinner, and gobble up everything in your cupboards? This delicious tale, adapted from Judith Kerr’s flamboyant album, is preceded by three short films that will whet your appetite… like a tiger! Watch the trailer! 

The Tiger on the table by Kariem Saleh (2016) – 4 min
Do you know Little Tiger’s favorite menu? A tall glass of orange juice, carrots and crunchy broccoli, followed by a plate of spaghetti. Be careful not to have your eyes bigger than your stomach, Little Tiger!

When I grow up by An Vrombaut (1996) – 4 min
A kitten dreams of becoming a magnificent tiger. A fierce and fearless beast, that roars, roams the jungle and hunts to eat! Of course, at the moment he is just a tiny little kitten, cute and kind, but when he grows up…

Tigers in single file by Benoît Chieux (2015) – 7 min
Once upon a time there was a very lazy boy. Scorned by his mother, who can no longer see him sleeping and eating all day long, the child decides to get to work and deploys treasures of imagination and inventiveness to… never have to work again!

– The Tiger who invited himself for tea by Robin Shaw (2020) – 24 min
As Sophie is about to have a snack with her mother, the doorbell rings. When the little girl opens the door, she comes face to face with a splendid tiger who politely asks for a cup of tea. Will Sophie and her mum have prepared enough tea and cakes for this great gourmand?”

+ Media Library workshop after the screening: Video game at your choice (4:30pm to 5:15pm) from 5 years old

Come and test our new video games in the digital space of the Media Library!
Mario Kart 8, Sack Boy Adventure, Super Mario 3D World or Instant sports, on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.
Registration via :
[email protected] 


Friday, October 28 at 3:30pm

“Kaleidoscope” by various directors

 86 minutes – French version with English subtitles

A program made up of films awarded during events organized by the AFCA: the 2022 National Animation Film Festival and the 2021 Emile-Reynaud Prize.

Goodbye Jerome! by Chloé Farr, Gabrielle Selnet, Adam Sillard (2021) – 8 min
Student Short Film Grand Prize – National Animation Film Festival 2022
Having just arrived in paradise, Jérôme goes in search of his wife Maryline. As he searches, he sinks deeper and deeper into a surreal and colorful world in which no one seems to be able to help him.
Tears of the Seine by Y. Belaid, E. Benard, A. Letailleur, N. Mayeur, E. Moulin, H. Pinot, P. Singer, L. Vicente (2021) – 9 min
SACD Prize for a student short film – National Animation Film Festival 2022
October 17, 1961, “Algerian workers” decide to demonstrate in the streets of Paris against the curfew imposed on them by the police headquarters.
– Bad links by Chloé Alliez, Violette Delvoye (2021) – 11 min
Audience award for a professional short film – National Animation Film Festival 2022
Tonight is the big party for Lucie, Maya and their friends. Even Jimmy came: he’s there for Maya, everyone knows that. But at the moment when everything must be decided, hidden, tender and confused feelings arise between Maya and Lucie, which have trouble finding their place in this evening punctuated by flowing alcohol, heartbreaking compilations and hormones. which are bubbling.
– Luce and the Rock by Britt Raes (2022) – 13 min
Original composition award for a professional short film – National Animation Film Festival 2022
One day, out of nowhere, a huge Rock appears in the middle of the quiet little village where Luce lives. The villagers can’t even open the door of their house anymore… Luce is angry: go away Rocher, you have nothing to do here! And by the way, what are you doing here?”

+ Media Library workshop after the : Video game at your choice (5:15pm to 6pm) from 5 years old

Come and test our new video games in the digital space of the Media Library!
Mario Kart 8, Sack Boy Adventure, Super Mario 3D World or Instant sports, on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.
Registration via : 
[email protected] 


Saturday October 29 at 10:30am

“Princesse Dragon” by Anthony Roux and Jean-Jacques Denis (2021)

 74 minutes – French version with English subtitles

Poil is a little girl raised by a mighty dragon. But when her father has to pay the Sorcenouille with his second most precious possession, it is Poil that he offers, plunging his daughter into infinite sadness and forcing her to flee the family cave. Poil then embarks on a journey to discover the world of men. In contact with them, she will learn friendship, solidarity, but also the greed that seems to gnaw at the hearts of men. Watch the trailer! 

+ Media Library workshop before the screening: The Witch’s House (9:30am to 10:15am) from 6 years old

A creative workshop that invites your children create an impressive witch house to celebrate Halloween!
Registration via : 
[email protected] 

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