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Women on the quest towards their rights!

On the occasion of the celebrations around March 8, for International Women’s Day, the Institut français du Cambodge is proud to present a cinema series by and about women! In addition to a round-table bringing together Kim Sreymoch, Hà Lệ Diễm, San Danech and Lola Javier, IFC will also present a series of 12 films, either directed by women or dedicated to women. Singular women, strong women, women warriors… A celebration of the strength of these women in the conquest of their freedoms, from March 04 to March 18 at Institut français. 

Selection proposed by Mo Pellet and Rochivorn Then.

Tuesday, March 7 at 6:30pm, Kim Sreymoch, Hà Lệ Diễm, San Danech and Lola Javier, 4 women who work in the cinema industry, will be at the Institute for a round-table on their profession, the opportunities for women in the film industry today. today, and the contributions of women directors to cinema in Southeast Asia. Read more >>

Saturday, March 4 at 4pm

“Those Who Care” by Gilles Perret and François Ruffin (2021) – Not suitable for audiences under 16 years old

FRANCE – 85 minutes – French version with English subtitles

In this new journey, Ruffin & Perret embarks us across France to meet caretakers at the front lines during the current Covid-19 crises. Those people, mostly women, who give their lives, their time and often their health to help and care for elders, disabled and left out are in fact left aside by the French social regulations. No minimum wage, no work-time limitation, no social recognition force them to stand up for their basic rights! Watch the trailer !


Tuesday, March 07 at 8pm – preceded by a round-table

“Sea Within A Sea” by San Danech (2021)

CAMBODIA/NEW ZEALAND – 24 minutes – English and Khmer version with English subtitles

On the Cambodian island of Koh Sdach, a local diver examines coral reefs and seahorse populations while exploring the environmental impacts of his village’s commercial development and growing fishing industry. Watch the trailer !

“Sound of the Night” by Sok Chanrado and Vann Kongkea (2021) – Not suitable for audiences under 16 years old

CAMBODIA – 20 minutes – Khmer version with English subtitles

Vibol and his brother Kea sell noodles on a motorized cart every night on the streets of Phnom Penh. They often face troublesome threats from gangsters and thieves, even if these very people are their only customers. As the city is growing around them, they consider their unstable income and imagine a different future. Watch the trailer!


Wednesday, March 8 at 2pm

“Pil’s Adventures” by Julien Fournet (2021) – From 7 years old

FRANCE – 89 minutes – French version with English subtitles

Pil is a young orphan who lives along with her three tamed weasels, on the streets of Roc-en-Brume, a medieval city.She survives thanks to the food she steals from the castle of sinister regent Tristain, usurper of the throne. One day, chased by some guards, Pil disguises herself as a princess to avoid them. Here she is! She is now unwillingly onboard for a crazy and delirious adventure, together with Crobar, a big clumsy guard who thinks Pil is a noble girl, and Rigolin, a young loony jester. Pil will have to save Roland, heir to the throne and victim of a spell. This adventure will upset the whole kingdom and will teach Pil that nobility can be found in each one of us. Watch the trailer!


Thursday, March 9 at 7 pm

“Barbarian Invasion” by Tan Chui Mui (2021) – Not suitable for audiences under 16 years old

MALAYSIA/HONG KONG – 106 minutes – Chinese, Malay and Cantonese version with English subtitles

Between her bitterly contested divorce and her hiatus from the silver screen due to raising her rambunctious son, actress Moon (TAN Chui Mui) is looking to revive her fortunes and her director friend Roger (Pete TEO) offers her a comeback role in a martial arts action thriller. All that remains is some hard training that will transform her from an exhausted mother into the Southeast Asian female version of Jason Bourne. She sticks it out, she’s a new woman but the project is put in jeopardy when she resists producers who want her ex-husband to act opposite her and things go way off script when another dramatic event happens and she has to take her training and apply it in real life. Watch the trailer!


Friday, March 10 at 7pm

“Children Of The Mist” by Hà Lệ Diễm (2021) – Not suitable for audiences under 16 years old

Followed by a discussion with the director, Hà Lệ Diễm

VIETNAM – 92 minutes – Vietnamese version with English subtitles

In a village hidden in the mist-shrouded Northwest Vietnamese mountains resides an indigenous Hmong community, home to 12-year-old Di, part of the first generation of her people with access to formal education. A free spirit, Di happily recounts her experiences to Vietnamese filmmaker Diễm Hà Lệ, who planted herself within Di’s family over the course of three years to document this unique coming of age. As Di grows older, her carefree childhood gives way to an impulsive and sensitive adolescence, a dangerous temperament for what will happen next; in this insular community, girls must still endure the controversial but accepted tradition of “bride kidnapping.” One night, when the young girl’s parents return home from celebrating the Lunar New Year, they are shocked to find their house is silent: Di has disappeared. Watch the trailer!

Saturday,March 11
at 10:30am

“Pil’s Adventures” by Julien Fournet (2021) – From 7 years old

FRANCE – 89 minutes – French version with English subtitles Watch the trailer!

At 2pm

“Before, Now & Then” by Kamila Andini (2022) – Not suitable for audiences under 16 years old

INDONESIA – 89 minutes – Indonesian version with English subtitles

A woman finds refuge in a second marriage to a wealthy man, but her existence remains fragile as she navigates his patriarchal values and penchant for taking mistresses. Then, she befriends her second husband’s mistress, together seeking for the meaning of freedom. Watch the trailer!

At 4pm

“The Long Walk” by Mattie Do (2019) – Not suitable for audiences under 16 years old

LAOS – 116 minutes – Laotian version with English subtitles

For fifty years, a man has been walking the dusty path through the woods between his isolated farm and the nearby village, accompanied by a taciturn ghost. As a teenager he witnessed her death, and she has been connected to him ever since. When he discovers that the spirit is able to take him back to the past, he returns to his youth to rid himself of the millstone around his neck: his mother’s death from tuberculosis, which he had to watch helplessly as a child. Watch the trailer!


Wednesday, March 15 at 6:30pm – OUTDOOR

“Me You Them (Eu Tu Eles)” by Andrucha Waddington (2000)

BRAZIL – 104 minutes – Portuguese version with French subtitles

In Russas, a poor, desolate and dry settlement in the arid backlands of the northeast of Brazil, the countrywoman Darlene de Lima Linhares lives together with her three husbands – Osias, Zezinho and Ciro – and two children. She has managed her simple life with them, taking from each one what he’s able to give best. A very special story in the middle of nowhere. Watch the trailer!


Friday, March 17 at 7pm

“Thelma and Louise” by Ridley Scott (1991) – Not suitable for audiences under 16 years old

UNITED STATES – 130 minutes – English version

A bored housewife and a straight-laced waitress at a coffee shop are best friends who are sick of what they’ve settled for. Deciding to escape the tedium of their everyday lives, the pair sneak off in Louise’s ’66 T-bird convertible for a three-day fishing trip with no husbands, no boyfriends and no problems. But things don’t go quite according to plan when an encounter with a drunken, foul-mouthed, would-be rapist transforms their quiet getaway into a cross-country escape that will change their lives forever. Watch the trailer!


Saturday March 18
At 2pm

“Mountains May Depart” by Jia Zhang-Ke (2015) – Not suitable for audiences under 16 years old

CHINA/FRANCE/JAPAN – 126 minutes – Chinese version and English subtitles

China, 1999. Childhood friends Liangzi and Zhang are both in love with Tao, the town beauty. Tao eventually decides to marry the wealthier Zhang. They soon have a son he names Dollar… From China to Australia, the lives, loves, hopes and disillusions of a family over two generations in a society changing at breakneck speed. Watch the trailer! 

At 4:30pm

“Madame Bovary” by Claude Chabrol (1991) – Not suitable for audiences under 16 years old

FRANCE – 143 minutes – French version with English subtitles

Emma, a peasant’s daughter, marries a health officer. Idealistic and romantic, she quickly loses her illusions of happiness in the face of the rudeness of the Norman petty bourgeois. She becomes the mistress of a neighborhood gentleman who abandons her, then of a notary’s clerk. Watch the trailer! 

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