Cinema Series | Angers European First Film Festival


The Premiers Plans Festival in Angers puts around a hundred first European films in competition!

Through its support for the emergence of young talents, the French Institute supports the festival and offers a selection of 4 feature films from its recent programming, which can give rise to regional tours with the aim of promoting innovative and creatives, but also directors, screenwriters and actors across borders.

Wednesday, September 27th at 7pm

“Zero Fucks Given” by Julie Lecoustre and Emmanuel Marre (2022) – Not suitable for audiences under 16 years old

FRANCE – 110 minutes – French with English subtitles

Cassandra (26) is a flight attendant for a low-cost airline. Based in Lanzarote, she’s always willing to take on extra hours and carries out her duties with robotic efficiency. On the side, she just goes with the flow and floats between Tinder, parties and lazy days. When she suddenly gets dismissed, she is forced to return home. Will Cassandre find the force to confront what she was running away from?? Watch the trailer!

Friday, September 29th at 7pm

“The World After Us” by Louda Ben Salah-Cazanas (2021) – Not suitable for audiences under 16 years old

FRANCE – 85 minutes – French with English subtitles

Labidi is a struggling young writer who, after a small hit with a short story, is trying to publish his first novel. While he lives in a small room with his roommate and best friend Aleksei, delivering food on his bike to survive, he meets Elisa, a student. Caught up in a whirlwind romance, he doesn’t always make the right choices. Labidi will soon be confronted to the realities of everyday life, at the expense of his writing. Watch the trailer !

Saturday, September 30th

at 2pm

“Real Love” by Claire Burger (2018) – Not suitable for audiences under 16 years old

FRANCE – 98 minutes – French with English subtitles

Forbach, eastern France. Present day. Since his wife walked out on the family, Mario has raised their two daughters on his own. Frida, 14, blames him for her mother leaving. Niki, 17, dreams of independence. Meanwhile, Mario waits for his wife to come home. Watch the trailer!

at 4pm

“Paper Flags” by Nathan Ambrosioni (2018) – Not suitable for audiences under 16 years old

FRANCE – 102 minutes – French with English subtitles

He is 30 and just got out of jail after 12 years of detention. She is almost 24 and has a simple life away from the city. One day, he comes to her and she let him stay with her. That’s complicated when your older brother needs to get back to a normal life. Between tenderness and bursts of laughter, his anger is sometimes out of control. However, she wants to help him. As for him, he wants to meet with his sister again. Watch the trailer!

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