Cinema & Dance | Move Your Body!


The IFC CineDance Workshops are ideal to get your little ones to discover both cinema… and dance!

Suited to a public of children aged from 4 to 6 years old, these workshops offer your children a discovery of dance through the viewing of short clips from movies that made dance – any form of dancing – their focus. Children will first review the excerpts and be given some information on the type of dancing they will encounter, and then reproduce the gestures and motions seen. 

  • The Perfect Motion (2022) by Xavier de Lauzanne : on Khmer classique dance and the world famous apsara dancers
  • Ballerina (2016) by Eric Summer : this animated movie telle the story of a young girl who dreams of becoming a ballerina at the Paris Opera.
  • Donnez moi une minute by Doria Belanger : series of shorts video clips of dancers all around the world, from classical, traditional or contemporary background

Through these clips, your children will be able to spot the different dance schools and traditions, as well as experiment with the gestures, dancing forms, and choreographies. 

Registration on site or by email via [email protected]

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