Workshop | (Medieval) Punk Is Not Dead

Have you ever heard of illuminated miniatures? Discover and practice this emblematic medieval art style, brought back into fashion by French artist Agathe Pitié! Passionate about the art of the High Middle Ages and the beginning of the Renaissance era, Agathe likes to draw contemporary themes in the style of a medieval illumination, bringing a touch of humour into it.

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Agathe Pitié was born in France in 1986 in the Tarn to marble-working parents. She is a designer, game illustrator and engraver, graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Paris. She currently lives and works in Toulouse. When she was younger, her parents enrolled her in the School of Fine Arts where she first learned comics and drawing. Her graphics teacher in Castres will insist that she be interested in contemporary art, which will lead her to gradually leave comics for conceptual drawing. Her Darwin Awards series (2016-2017) can be seen as part of the “Cases Départ” exhibition in the courtyard of the Media Library.

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