Workshop | Discovery of the Climate Fresk Workshop


Climate Fresk is an educational workshop led by a community of fresco artists, based on a set of 42 cards from the IPCC’s scientific reports. It helps to raise awareness of climate issues in a fun and collaborative way. More precisely, the participants gather around a table in teams of 4 to 7 people to work together in order to link the cards together through cause and effect links. A Fresqueuse or a Fresqueur supervises one or more teams and guides them in a collective intelligence approach. An exchange is facilitated to debrief, explore individual and collective solutions and broaden reflection beyond climate issues.

Join us at the Media Library of the Institut français for two discovery format workshops (30 minutes) for adults and teenagers!

  • At 10am / TEENAGERS (12 yrs+) / in French
  • At 11am / ADULTS / in French and English

Register on site or by email at [email protected]

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