Movie | Drôles de rencontres…

A program of short animated films without conversation for the little ones!

– Franzy’s Soup (2021)
A lonely alien, chef Franzy discovers that her famous pink soup is not only delicious but also magical, when she shares it with hungry creatures living on a strange planet.

– Buds (2018)
Every morning, it’s the ritual: Camille, a lady in her eighties comes out of her house carrying two large watering cans to take care of her garden on the other side of the street.

– Under the Ice (2019)
On a lake, a heron fishes as winter sets in.

– Beyond the Trees (2020)
Every day, a 7-year-old Indonesian boy makes a long journey to reach his destination on time.

– Sacred Monster (2009)
Born accidentally among the ducks, a dragon, as gigantic as it is harmless, suddenly becomes a media star. Wrongly considered by men as a ferocious and bloodthirsty creature, he soon finds himself lost in the urban jungle. -The Elephant and the Whale (France, 1986, 8mn) A white elephant falls in love with a pink whale locked in the trailer of a sinister showman.

– The Monk and the Fish (1994)
A monastery, somewhere in the world, out of time, is disturbed only by the soft hissing of a water tank located in the courtyard. A monk, near the basin, notices the presence of a hopping fish. Obsessed by this presence, he tries to catch the animal…

– The Elephant and the Whale (1986)
A white elephant falls in love with a pink whale trapped in a sinister showman’s trailer.

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