Cinema | Shooom’s Odyssey + Mum is Pouring Rain

Discover two shorts where the protagonists, a young girl and a new born owlet, discover a sublime nature!!

⦿ Shooom’s Odyssey by Julien Bisaro (2019)
Shooom, the little owl, hatches when a storm turns the bayou where his tree is planted upside down. Barely out of the nest, there she is hobbling along into the mangrove, pushing along the second egg of the brood. Against all odds, she is determined to find a mother. Could it be an alligator or a raccoon!

⦿ Mum is Pouring Rain by Hugo de Faucompret (2021)
Jane is looking forward to spending Christmas with her Mom who is going through a little depression, but she is sent unknowingly to her Grandma’s instead. The holidays turn out to be quite an adventure as Jane meets new friends: Cloclo, the gigantic hobo who lives in the forest, and Sonia and Leon, two local kids. As she learns to open herself to others, Jane will inspire her mother the necessary strength to get back on her feet.

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