Cinema | Northern Lights & Shooom’s Odyssey


« Northern Lights » by Caroline Attia (2019) – 15 minutes

Since his parents died, Colin has been living with his grandfather, Karl. When Karl leaves to hunt narwhal, Colin becomes a clandestine passenger in his grandfather’s house-sled. He must overcome his fears and learn the secrets of the Great North. Watch the trailer !


« Shooom’s Odyssey » by Julien Bisaro (2019) – 26 minutes

Shooom, the little owl, hatches when a storm turns the bayou where his tree is planted upside down. Barely out of the nest, there she is hobbling along into the mangrove, pushing along the second egg of the brood. Against all odds, she is determined to find a mother. Could it be an alligator or a raccoon ! Watch the trailer !

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