Cinema | My Life in Versailles & Akissi, A funny little brother


« Akissi, A funny little brother » by Alexandre Coste (2022) – 26 minutes

Marguerite Abouet, Louise and Baptiste Grosfilley Based on the original comic book published by Gallimard Jeunesse “Akissi” by Marguerite Abouet and Mathieu Sapin, inspired by the graphic world of Clément Oubrerie,


« My Life in Versailles » by Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat and Nathaniel H’limi (2019) – 29 minutes

Eight-year-old Violette, an orphan, goes to live with her Uncle Régis, a custodian at the Château de Versailles. Shy Violette hates him: she thinks he smells and then decides she’ll no longer say a word to him. In the abode of the Sun King, the little stubborn girl and the big bear will tame each other and together get through their grief. Watch the trailer!

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