Cinema | Immobile Stars + Luisa and the Feathered Snake

Discover two shorts about audacious young girls, ready to brave dangers and embark on adventures! 

⦿ Immobile Stars, by Noémi Gruner and Anna Frégonèse – 2022
Chenghua, aged 9, is preparing a school project on space travel with her best friend. She cannot find enough time to do this as she is constantly asked to translate for her parents. Her parents don’t speak French and are dependent on their daughter, unaware of the burden this places on her. Chenghua can’t take any more and tries to free herself from her family. Her desire for space and her natural enthusiasm will help her take the step.

⦿ Luisa and the Feathered Snake, by Hefang Wei – 2021

9 year-old Luisa just moved to Mexico with her family. It is not easy for her to adapt to this new environment, as she shares to Keza, her beloved pet-lizard. When Keza escapes, he will drag Louisa into amazing adventures where she will discover Mexico’s culture and inhabitants.

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