Cinema | “Icons of Light” with Christian Moris Müller


The Institut français du Cambodge welcomes the German director Christian Moris Müller in residence in March!

Katharina (Theresa Scholze) and Steffen (Max Riemelt) seem like the quintessential successful Berlin couple – they have well-paying jobs, a loving relationship and a spectacular apartment. One night, fed up with the predictability of their lives, they decide on a radical change: They’re going to extinguish all traces of their existence and start over. They set up a camera to film the process, hoping others will follow their lead. They begin to destroy their belongings, empty their bank accounts and erase the digital remnants of their lives. Even from their best friends, the couple Robert and Paul, they intend to hide their plan to disappear forever. As everything around them breaks into pieces, their film takes a turn of its own – and their secretive revolution becomes a fight for their love. Watch the trailer !

Screenings followed by a Q&A with director Christian Moris Müller
FREE / Not suitable for audiences under 14 years old
81 minutes / German with English subtitles

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