Institut français du Cambodge
Media Library | Board Games for Kids
Another monthly rendez-vous for kids over 6 years at the Kids’ Corner of the Media Library! Join us one afternoon per month to play in French and in Khmer. With two, three or more, alone or with a team, you will play fascinating board games. You can also bring... Read more
Institute | Summer Program
Stuck in Phnom Penh over summer? The French Institute offers a wide range of activities, for young and old, all throughout summer! Outdoor cinema screenings, evenings at Le Bistrot or exciting workshops… there’s lot to do for everyone! ⚠️ Check out the activities organized by the Media Library for... Read more
Media Library | Toddler Story Time
A new bi-monthly rendez-vous for children from 3 to 5 will take place at the Kids’ Corner of the Media Library or in the garden of the Institute! Stories to listen to in French and in Khmer, traditional nursery rhymes to discover and sing together: it will be a... Read more
Workshop | Meet Aurélie and Cerise
The illustrator of the “Carnets de Cerise” will offer two workshops for drawing and enthusiasts writing: you will be able to start creating a notebook page like Cerise. Dive into the world of comics! Meet Aurélie and Cerise Saturday 4 May at 9:30am and 11:00am Young audience from 7... Read more
Workshop | The French Corner
An new monthly rendez-vous for French speakers, be they beginners or advanced students, as well as for all the lovers of the French language out there! Let’s meet at the Media Library around a topic and recreational activities and discuss. A moment for sharing, pleasure and freedom entirely in... Read more
Ocarina Workshop | Color your life! Green Painting
What gives fruits, flowers and other plants their amazing and oh so diverse colors? During this workshop as educational as it is fun, the attendees will explore several trails and will play with the extraction of the natural plant pigments of our selection of plants and fruits! Then, like... Read more
Ocarina Workshops | What Lies Behind the Masks
Let your imagination run wild in this workshop where you will know all about film make-up and what happens behind the scenes! Fancy a pirate scar, or crooked nose like a witch? Unless you’d rather a green complexion or an ungraceful wart? Thanks to the technique of the cinema... Read more
Ocarina Workshops | Let the Dragon Through!
For the Chinese New Year, dive into a fascinating world made of lively traditions and dragon myths! Armed with their brushes and aprons, the participants of this workshop will discover the secrets of the articulated Chinese Dragon, and will be invited to create their own specimen! They will then... Read more
Media Library | Illustrated reading: Costa Brava
Costa Brava is the name of the precious poodle brought back from Spain by Uncle José. A dog of plaster and glitter with the peculiar ability to predict the weather: it turns blue when it’s sunny, pink when it rains. Pierre ends up shattering it, disrupting the weather as... Read more
Media Library | Story Time with Ocarina
Once a month, Marie Fisher, childcare worker at “Jardin d’éveil”, will set up home at the French Institute for a journey dedicated to your children! Travel through lands in which laughter and imagination reign, and embark on breathtaking adventures! Through the sound of her voice, but also through different... Read more
Ocarina Workshops | My First Bubbles: Initiation to Graphic Novels
With Julie Marin, Art Professor at Ocarina School, your children will take their first steps in the world of graphic novels. During a whole afternoon, they will invent characters and create their own stories, and then draw them! Each of the participants will leave with their very first plate.... Read more
Ocarina Activities | A Recycled Orchestra
With Julie Marin, Art Professor at Ocarina School, young artists will be brought to think about the role of daily objects in their creative process. With diverse waste materials, they will discover how to create different types of instruments, each more original than the last! By the end of... Read more
Media Library | The Little Book Factory
Become both author and illustrator of your story! At the end of the workshop, children will leave with their brand new printed book. From 7 years old (12 children max. Length: 2h. The Little Book Factory with Magali Hervo Tuesday 22, Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 August at 2:30pm... Read more
Media Library | Shadow Theater: Little Sparrow
Adapt The Old Man Mad about Drawing, a story written by François Place, as shadow puppets! Give life to characters such as Tojiro, the painter Hokusaï, the samurai, the sumo wrestlers… and discover the Japanese city of Edo. The story will be read in the next Adventure Shed. Registration before... Read more