Institut français du Cambodge
Institute | Summer Closure
All IFC departments will be closed to the public from Saturday, July 28 through Sunday, August 12, 2018. Departments will open and resume their regular hours on Monday, August 13. The Language Center remains open all through summer for the registrations and French courses, except on July 28, 29 and... Read more
French courses: Sponsor a friend!

Learn French with the French Institute, the best French school in Cambodia!

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Exhibition | People & Space / Khiev Kanel & Le Studio Images
One can find multiple meanings for the words “people” and “space”. Here, Khiev Kanel wants to show the relationship between the two notions. Space is nothing without the people living in it. People are nothing without their environment. Even if they inhabit what surrounds them every day, they are,... Read more
Exhibition | Thang Sothea
This exhibition will showcase the latest creations of the Cambodian artist Thang Sothea, including pieces created for the exhibition. Thang Sothea reveals through a careful set up made from traditional materials – such as hemp, wood, stones and palm leaves – forms that bring us back to a child’s... Read more
Exhibition | Art in the Park
Created for the exhibition that took place in the park of the French Embassy several weeks ago, the works of 7 Cambodian artists will this time connect with the environment of the French Institute of Cambodia. These 7 artists of very different aesthetic registers have in common their questioning... Read more