Institut français du Cambodge
Conference | The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Photo : ©Institut Pasteur Olivier Schwartz et BioImagerie Ultrastructurale / Colors by Jean-Marc Panaud Every day, your immune system is busy protecting you from thousands of germs. In Cambodia, it probably is fighting against the flu, dengue fever, tuberculosis… It does its job so efficiently that... Read more
Concert | Wind Instruments of Cambodia
The many wind instruments of Cambodia are mostly used in ensembles during wedding ceremonies and religious or traditional celebrations. Learning how to master them has, for a very long time, always been passed down orally from generation to generation. This concert will gather ten or so musicians and will... Read more
Conference | Reporters of a “Forgotten” War. Cambodia 1970-1975
In the backyard of the Vietnamese war, Cambodia is, for journalists, a much different universe. A world of dusty roads, where danger – Viet Congs, Khmer Rouge – can jump out every second from an ever-changing front; a capital on its way to being encircled, where reporters bear witness... Read more
Institut | French Volunteering Day 2018
The French Volunteering Day (FVD) is organized in early October by various Volunteering Centers around the world and it brings together thousands of visitors every year. This international event aims to promote and develop all forms of volunteerism and commitment to international solidarity. It is also a good opportunity... Read more