Institut français du Cambodge
Institute | Summer Closure
All IFC departments will be closed to the public from Saturday, July 28 through Sunday, August 12, 2018. Departments will open and resume their regular hours on Monday, August 13. The Language Center remains open all through summer for the registrations and French courses, except on July 28, 29 and... Read more
Concert | Black Ant
Born out of the musical scene of Phnom Penh, the Black Ant band is delighted to produce itself for a concert dedicated to Blues-Rock classics. A festive evening inviting you to rock your hips – and other limbs – on the stage of the Institute! With Prum Vantha (basse... Read more
Cinema | The Awakening of Permaculture
Permaculture allows for a glimpse of hope with solutions that are environmentally defendable, economically viable, and socially equitable. Accessible to all, it can be implemented everywhere. Today, men and women meet and experiment with this rational alternative. The permacultural transition is underway ! Watch the trailer! The Awakening of Permaculture... Read more
Cinema | A Cat in Paris
In Paris, a cat who lives a secret life as a cat burglar’s aide must come to the rescue of Zoe, the little girl he lives with, after she falls into a gangster’s clutches. Watch the trailer! A Cat in Paris by Alain Gagnol & Jean-Loup Felicioli... Read more
Cinema | Do It Right
Nassim, a 16-year-old boy, is placed with a family in the suburbs following the death of his drug addict mother. But he refuses to integrate into the social setting that surrounds him. He invents another life for himself, similar to that of his mates at the big Parisian high... Read more
Cinema | Maestro
Henry, a young actor, finds himself involved in a film by cinema superstar, Cédric Rovere. Charmed by his benevolence, feelings hitherto unknown are aroused, while Rovere, intrigued by Henry’s dream, lives this shoot as an unexpected gift. Watch the trailer! Maestro by Léa Fazer (2013) Saturday 30 June 2018... Read more
Exhibition | People & Space / Khiev Kanel & Le Studio Images
One can find multiple meanings for the words “people” and “space”. Here, Khiev Kanel wants to show the relationship between the two notions. Space is nothing without the people living in it. People are nothing without their environment. Even if they inhabit what surrounds them every day, they are,... Read more
Conference | Funerary Rituals in Khmer Manuscripts
The manuscripts engraved on latanier leaves, copied from generation to generation over centuries, were stored in the libraries of the monasteries of Cambodia. War, the Khmer Rouge regime as well as neglect led to their almost complete disappearance. Reading those that remain can... Read more
Concert | Cambodian Drums
60 percussionists of the Department of Performing Arts from the Cambodian Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts are reunited for a unique concert dedicated to the art of traditional and contemporary Cambodian drums. The 60 musicians will in turn, together or in small number, play on the wide diversity... Read more
Cinema | Barbara
Brigitte is preparing for the role of the famous French singer Barbara. The actress carefully studies the character, her gestures, manners and intonations. She learns the music scores, mimics her facial expressions, and by doing so gradually merges with the character. The director is also elbow deep into the... Read more
Cinema | Once Upon a Forest
Written and directed by Luc Jacquet, Once Upon a Forest invites the spectator into a never-before-seen world of natural wonder and staggering beauty. For the first time, we will be able to watch a rainforest growing before our eyes. Drawing on a vast fund of research and knowledge, Once... Read more
Concert | Trio Band
Well-known of the Rock, Blues and Jazz scene in Phnom Penh, the Trio band invite you for an evening dedicated to music, dance and smiles at Le Bistrot de l’Institut. With Mr. Khemara (acoustic guitar) Mr. Chhoeurn Veasna (bass guitar) Mr. Rin Theyrith (violin) and Bun Sambath (piano) Trio... Read more
Dance | Belle – Creation
On the occasion of the performance of the Ballet Preljocaj at the Chenla Theater of Phnom Penh, Belle had created and presented in prime time of the performance an extract of a new creation. After finishing her work, the famous Khmer choreographer is proud to present her creation in... Read more
Cinema | Rock’n Roll
Guillaume Canet is told by a young co-star that he’s no longer Rock’n’ Roll and can’t sell films anymore. He then tries to prove her wrong and gets help from his girlfriend, Marion Cotillard. Watch the trailer! Rock’n Roll by Guillaume Canet (2017) Friday 1st June at 7pm / Saturday... Read more