Institut français du Cambodge
Cinema | French Fried Vacation 2
The characters from the first movie get together again, this time in the ski resort of Val d’Isère where Jérôme, Gigi and Popeye work. Jérôme and Gigi are now married: Gigi owns a pancake house while Jérôme has a medical practice. Nathalie... Read more
Cinema | My Family and the Wolf
When Hugo and his cousins learn that the wolf is coming to pick their grandma, they decide to save her and embark on an unforgettable adventure. Watch the trailer!   My Family and the Wolf by Adriàn Garcia (2019) Saturday 7th March at 10am / Saturday 21st March at 10am... Read more
Cinema | The Mystery of Henri Pick
Did Henri Pick, a Breton pizza maker, really sign this novel discovered and published by an editor?  Watch the trailer !   The Mystery of Henri Pick By Rémi Bezançon (2019) Friday 17th January at 7pm / Friday 20th January at 7pm 2 full fare / $1 Media Library members... Read more
Cinema | What Madness!
Aurélien is charming, but he’s tormented. Aurélien is voluble, but he’s solitary. Aurélien feels maladjusted, but he’s understood everything. Aurélien is autistic. Filmed, he lets words flow freely, liberating a song of prodigious intensity, a mirror held out to us. Watch the trailer! <... Read more
Cinema | Guy
Gauthier learns that he is the illegitimate son of Guy Jamet, an aging French pop singer who was famous from the ’60s to the ’90s. Watch the trailer !   Guy by Alex Lutz (2018) Friday 7th February at 7pm / Thursday 27th February at 7pm 2 full fare... Read more
Cinema | Musical February
As part of its documentary screening program, the French Institutes presents a new cinema screening every Wednesday in February. Discover documentaries through various genres, about musical struggles around the world, representative of various movements in the music world from February 5, 2020! ____________________________________________________________ Oh les filles! Wednesday 5 February... Read more
Cinema | No Land’s Song
In Iran, since the 1979 Islamic revolution, women are no longer allowed to sing in public as soloists – at least in front of men. Defying censorship and taboos, the young composer Sara Najafi is determined to organize an official... Read more
Cinema | Whatever Happened to My Revolution
Angèle fight against the curse of her generation: to be born “too late” at a time of global political depression. Watch the trailer!   Whatever Happened to My Revolution By Judith Davis (2018) Friday 10th January at 7pm / Friday 21st February at 7pm 2 full fare / $1 Media... Read more
Cinema | The Paris Opera
In turn ironic, light-hearted and cruel, encompassing music and ballet, the film turns the spotlight on great passions, and tells the story of life behind the scenes at one of the most prestigious performing arts institutions in the world. Watch... Read more
Cinema | An impossible love
In the late 1950s in Châteauroux, France, Rachel, a modest office worker, meets Philippe, a brilliant young man born to a bourgeois family. Watch The trailer !   An impossible love By Catherine Corsini (2018) Friday 31st January at 7pm / Friday 14th January at 7pm 2 full fare /... Read more
Cinema | French Waves
French Waves tells a history of French electronic music through its feature documentary, web Series, immersive website and international live tour. Starting in the 1990s with the genre’s creation in Detroit and Chicago, followed by an exploration of rave culture... Read more
Cinema | Wonderful Wacky Wolves
A seriously vain wolf, a wolf cub who wants to try hunting on his own, another little wolf who loves the company of others… In the Cinema Owl’s new series Wonderful Wacky Wolves, we revisit the storybook image of wolves with humour and poetry, to return them to their... Read more
Cinema | Oh les filles!
What if French Rock were born with Edith Piaf? From sweet sixties pop to today’s gender-indifferent anthems, from feminist rebels of the seventies to fashion icons of the social media age, from Françoise Hardy to Christine & The Queens, via... Read more
Cinema | Early Man
Dug, along with sidekick Hognob unite his tribe against a mighty enemy Lord Nooth and his Bronze Age City to save their home. Watch the trailer! <  Early Man By Nick Park (2018) From 5-6 years old Saturday 11th Januray at 10am / Saturday 1st February at 10am 2... Read more