Institut français du Cambodge
Cinema | Anim’en fête (Animated film selection)
The French Institute is celebrating the art of animated film with a special selection Anim’en fête from November 12 to November 14, 2020! Enjoy open air screenings with our selection: The Swallows of Kabul and The Bears’ Famous Invasion of Sicily. Both released in 2019, they were part of... Read more
Dance | Crossing the Road
Photo : ©All rights reserved Join the Silverbell company for a new show dedicated to life along the streets. Bodies, words, sounds and emotions blend together and cross the lines that separate our worlds, our lives. What do you see? What do you hear and what do you feel... Read more
Concert | Along The Water
The French Institute of Cambodia invites you to an evening around water – a very topical theme … – to chase away the clouds and signal the end of the rainy season! In the program :• 7pm – Screening of French artist work Julie Chaffort “Nostalgia” and “La Barque silencieuse”, artistic... Read more
Photo Phnom Penh 2020
Photo Phnom Penh Festival celebrates its 11th edition this year! A peculiar edition for sure, slimmed down due to the ongoing pandemic, but of which the grand kick-off will take place, once again, at the French Institute du Cambodge, the main partner of the festival since its creation in... Read more
Institute | Face-to-face teaching soon to reopen
The French Institut of Cambodia is happy to announce that its Language Center has receive an agreement in principle to reopen face-to-face teaching. We will now endeavor to work and start our classes on site as soon as this summer! We are eager to guarantee the safety of all... Read more
Exhibition | Beat Streuli
With respect to the health situation in Cambodia and the security measures that the Institute has been set up to guarantee the safety of its users, no public opening is planned for this exhibition. Beat Streuli is a Swiss artist of European and international renown. His understanding and practice... Read more
Exhibition | TRANSIT – Marie Le Mounier and le Studio Images
With respect to the health situation in Cambodia and the security measures that the Institute has been set up to guarantee the safety of its users, no public opening is planned for this exhibition. A graduate from the École Nationale Supérieure de Photographie in Arles, France, Marie Le Mounier... Read more
Conference | The Francophone Worlds of Today
While we are witnessing a revival of French studies and the use of the French language in Asia, all countries that have this language in common will celebrate in 2020 the half-century of the creation of the International Organisation of la Francophonie. How many French speakers are there today?... Read more
Exhibition & Dance | Gestures & Motions
The French Institute of Cambodia offers an evening decidated to traditional and contempory in its garden and gallery! Discover Sous Sodavy, Khmer painter, during the opening of his exhibition “Dance & Gesture” on February 28 at 6:30pm, followed by a dance performance by French choreographers Yannick Hugron and Philippe... Read more
Concert | Drums of Cambodia
Photo : ©Joty Mousar Percussionists from the Department of Performing Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts of Cambodia will present an exceptional performance dedicated to traditional and contemporary Cambodian drums. A unique and captivating show, organized in the garden of the French Institute of Cambodia. Drums... Read more
Conference | Enterovirus: Past, Present & Future
Photo : ©Joseph Esposito Enteroviruses affect millions of people worldwide each year. There are over 100 enteroviruses that can cause disease in humans. Thanks to the vaccine, this virus is being eradicated. Currently, Enterovirus 71 is one of the main causes the hand-foot-and-mouth syndrome, which caused... Read more
Dance | Sunflowers
Photo : ©All rights reserved For her new creation, well-known choreographer Belle has chosen to delve into the captivating beauty of the sunflower as well as its myth. While it follows the sun from dawn to dusk, from awakening to dreams,... Read more
Exhibition | Phnom Penh Meta(L)morphosis
Photo : ©Théo Vallier Théo Vallier, French artist living in Cambodia since 2007, has been working on paintings made from rusty metal plates for years. In an ever-moving contemporary Phnom Penh, his work is a real time machine, keeping reality at a distance and engaging the viewer in a... Read more
Cinema | The Competition
Claire Simon delves into the daily life of the Parisian cinema school, la Fémis, where a specific Republican ideal of excellence is practiced and entry into which can be summed up as follows: “everyone’s equal, but only the best get in…”... Read more