Institut français du Cambodge
Cinema | Tales of the Night
Tales of the Night weaves together six exotic fables each unfolding in a unique locale, from Tibet, to medieval Europe, to the Land of the Dead. From the imagination of internationally renowned animator Michel Ocelot. Watch the trailer! Tales of the Night by Michel Ocelot (2011) Saturday... Read more
Cinema | The Kid
Mathieu has never known his father. His mother has always told him he was the fruit of a one-night-stand. One morning, in his Parisian flat, he receives a call from Quebec telling him his father just died. Mathieu decides to go to the funeral and meet the two Canadian... Read more
Cinema | Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants
A stranded young ladybug, forms an alliance with a squad of black ants, to retrieve a rather unusual treasure to the ant hive. Watch the trailer! Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants by Thomas Szabo, Hélène Giraud (2014) Saturday 30 September at 10am Tickets: 2$ (1$ for Media Library members)... Read more
Dance | “Resilience”
We humans of today, from dawn till dusk, from East to West, have to repeat the same things over and over again. Work! For a living, to achieve sustainability, as some may say… To be able to turn our dreams into reality. Work! And bear the obligations, the troubles,... Read more
Cine-club | The Wages of Fear
In a decrepit South American village, four men are hired to transport an urgent nitroglycerine shipment without the equipment that would make it safe. Watch the trailer! The Wages of Fear by Henri-Georges Clouzot (1953) presented by Paul Maux Wednesday 27 September at 7pm Tickets: 2$ (1$ for Media... Read more
Conference | The Word of Computers
During the age of Enlightenment, the automaton became a real technological curiosity. Man decides then to allow it to speak. The computers of today are thus all equipped with speech synthesizer softwares. The history of this scientific challenge will be at the center of this conference, brightened up with... Read more
Media Library | Story Time with Ocarina
Once a month, Marie Fisher, childcare worker at “Jardin d’éveil”, will set up home at the French Institute for a journey dedicated to your children! Travel through lands in which laughter and imagination reign, and embark on breathtaking adventures! Through the sound of her voice, but also through different... Read more
Workshop | Stop Motion
Animation is the origin of all cinema. Indeed, Animating is giving the illusion of motion from a series of fixed images. Stop motion enables motion to be created from still objects, and is this an excellent tool for experimenting the magic of cinema during a workshop. With paper-cutting, toys... Read more
Cinema | Blue Night
A young woman, Antonia, returns to her island of birth, Corsica, after one of her relatives has disappeared at sea. She is torn back and forth between her old love Ettore and Alexander. The quest for Antonia’s place in the masculine environment of armed nationalism is an excuse for... Read more
Exhibition | I Look At The Sun
From the sea to female faces and explosions of light, the videos of Ange Leccia offer a magma of sensations in motion. Incandescent remembrances, the images testify to a lived experience where memories conflate with dreams… Ange Leccia is regarded as a major artist of the contemporary arts in... Read more
Exhibition | Carte Blanche to Studio Images
A carte blanche means freedom! Which, paradoxically, also means moments of great anxiety of the likes felt by writers face to face with a blank page… Photographers, like writers, are storytellers and tale inventors. Switching words with images, they tell a reality recreated by their imagination through which the... Read more
Conference | Legends and guardian spirits in Angkor
Organized by Anne Yvonne Guillou, CNRS / IRASEC Anthropologist Can landscapes serve as a tool in the cultural transmission? In Angkor, where traces of ancient history can be found everywhere, current inhabitants have filled the land with stories and divinities. What do they tell us? Legends and guardian... Read more
Concert | Cumbia Dancing with Malongo
For the 2017 France-Colombia Year, discover spellbinding sounds and surprising savors! Every year, the French government organizes a bi-national program to strengthen cooperation through culture, gastronomy and the arts. Malongo is happy to present a new Bistrot event dedicated to cumbia, a Colombian-born dance and musical style! Travel with... Read more
Cinema | Rosalie Blum
Thirty-something Vincent Machot is a hairdresser, like his father before him. Life rotates around work, his overbearing mother who lives in the apartment upstairs, and a womanising cousin constantly trying to set him up. But one morning Vincent experiences a powerful déjà-vu when he meets the gaze of a... Read more