Cinema | Yellowbird
A hero’s journey with a most unlikely hero. Yellowbird is a teeny tiny orphaned bird that has never left... Read more
Cinema | President
Mathieu, a bright student, falls in love with Nahema, who happens to be the President of the Republic’s daughter.... Read more
Cinema | Corporate
Emilie Tesson-Hansen is a young and brilliant head of Human Resources. She performs her task without moral compunction until... Read more
Cinema | Mune: Guardian of the Moon
A faun named Mune inadvertently becomes the Guardian of the Moon, but an accident that could put both the... Read more
Cinema | Le Chemin
Camille joined a religious mission to Cambodia with the intention of taking her vows. Every morning, she follows the... Read more
Cinema | Funeral
Funeral is the story of Thun and Deoun, the children of the dead and an old herb planter. Deoun, a... Read more
Cinema | Life Beyond Me
It’s been four years since Sylvie’s son Felipe was abducted by his father Pablo after their divorce. Having been... Read more
Cinema | Cambodia International Film Festival
The French Institute is a partner of the 8th edition of the Cambodia International Film Festival. During a little... Read more
Cinema | Festival Premiers Plans
The French Institute is the Premiers Plans d’Angers international partner, a festival which reveals year after year the new... Read more
Cinema | Raining Cats and Frogs
It’s a catastrophe! A flood has hit our planet and an unusual group of people are all that remains.... Read more
Cinema | Belle and Sebastian
A six-year-old boy and his dog look to foil a Nazi effort to capture French Resistance... Read more
Cinema | Team Spirit
An engaging drama about the lesser known aspects of the trading activity inside one of the biggest banks in... Read more
Cinema | Diamond Island
Diamond Island is a island on the banks of Phnom Penh transformed by real estate developers – it... Read more
Cinema | Under the Same Roof
Delphine and Yvan divorce. While his financial situation does not allow him to find a home, Yvan remembers that... Read more