Institut français du Cambodge
Exhibition | People & Space / Khiev Kanel & Le Studio Images
One can find multiple meanings for the words “people” and “space”. Here, Khiev Kanel wants to show the relationship between the two notions. Space is nothing without the people living in it. People are nothing without their environment. Even if they inhabit what surrounds them every day, they are,... Read more
Exhibition | Thang Sothea
This exhibition will showcase the latest creations of the Cambodian artist Thang Sothea, including pieces created for the exhibition. Thang Sothea reveals through a careful set up made from traditional materials – such as hemp, wood, stones and palm leaves – forms that bring us back to a child’s... Read more
Exhibition | Art in the Park
Created for the exhibition that took place in the park of the French Embassy several weeks ago, the works of 7 Cambodian artists will this time connect with the environment of the French Institute of Cambodia. These 7 artists of very different aesthetic registers have in common their questioning... Read more
Exhibition | Leang Seckon. New Works.
Mixing collage and painting in his work, Leang Seckon takes another look at History moments and the Cambodian daily life. His compositions puts together objetcs, incence, maps, and bits of advertising posters. Graduate from the Royal University of Fine Arts of Phnom Penh, Leang Seckon is regarded as a... Read more
Exhibition | Lola Reboud & Le Studio Images – Between Documentary and Fiction
The work of Lola Reboud oscillates between fiction and documentary, and shows both locations and characters in a mysterious and poetic universe. Graduate from the École nationale supérieure d’arts de Paris Cergy as well as the French School of Decorative Arts, Lola Reboud has worked with renown agencies such... Read more
Exhibition | KepExpo 2018
Boarding for Kep! From the little fishing port to an eco-responsible development, this cross-curricular exhibition focuses on the Cambodian Riviera, from the French Protectorate until the 1960s and the return of peace to the 21st century. The Kep inhabitants testify, Cambodian and French architecture students offer innovative urban projects.... Read more
Exhibition | Studio Images : Religious holidays in Cambodia
Religious holidays, in all civilizations, are moments of intense sharing, of ritual performing as well as of collective expression and communication by the communities of which they are made of. In Cambodia, the diverse religious holidays giving the year its tempo represent unique opportunities for immersing oneself in the... Read more
Exhibition | Urban eyes with André Mérian
Regarded as one of the best representatives of urban and architecture photography in France, the work of André Mérian regularly stages the new urban landscapes of our daily life in the periphery of the towns he travels through. Regularly exhibited in France and in Europe in many museums (Marseilles,... Read more
Exhibition | (Re)building Phnom Penh
Nicolas Wild is the author of several graphic novels (Kaboul Disco 1 & 2, Silent Was Zarathoustra), invited in December 2016 by the Institute for a graphic report on the many urban mutations of Phnom Penh. For Nicolas, there are 3 ways of conducting a graphic report:... Read more
Exhibition | PhotoPhnomPenh Festival 2017
Photo Phnom Penh Festival returns this year and remains one of the major international photo festival in Southeast Asia! Co-organized by Photo Phnom Penh Association (PPPA) and Institut francais du Cambodge (IFC), in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts as well as the Phnom Penh Municipality,... Read more
Photo Phnom Penh | Inauguration
The Photo Phnom Penh festival is back! The French Institute of Cambodia and Photo Phnom Penh Association present the 8th edition, which will take place from October 21 to November 21. Check out the program for the 3-day inauguration below! >> Download the program and map of the exhibitions <<... Read more
Exhibition | I Look At The Sun
From the sea to female faces and explosions of light, the videos of Ange Leccia offer a magma of sensations in motion. Incandescent remembrances, the images testify to a lived experience where memories conflate with dreams… Ange Leccia is regarded as a major artist of the contemporary arts in... Read more
Exhibition | Carte Blanche to Studio Images
A carte blanche means freedom! Which, paradoxically, also means moments of great anxiety of the likes felt by writers face to face with a blank page… Photographers, like writers, are storytellers and tale inventors. Switching words with images, they tell a reality recreated by their imagination through which the... Read more
Exhibition | Kbach Roam “Dance Pattern”
In 1917, George Groslier – at the time director of the National Museum of Phnom Penh and in an effort to archive and preserve the memory of the postures of the royal ballet – began an exceptional work of photographic documentation. The glass plate negative remained forgotten for some time, before being... Read more