Exhibition | I Look At The Sun
From the sea to female faces and explosions of light, the videos of Ange Leccia offer a magma of... Read more
Exhibition | Carte Blanche to Studio Images
A carte blanche means freedom! Which, paradoxically, also means moments of great anxiety of the likes felt by writers... Read more
Exhibition | Kbach Roam “Dance Pattern”
In 1917, George Groslier – at the time director of the National Museum of Phnom Penh and in an... Read more
Exhibition | Studio Images :  Music
Music, wherever it it made, whatever genre it is, is often seen as a universal language shared by all.... Read more
Exhibition | Architectures and Landscapes
Christian Milovanoff, former teacher at Ecole de la photographie d’Arles, is a professional photographer conducting a delicate work within... Read more
Exhibition | French Cultural Center of Cambodia since 1999
For more than 15 years, Philippe Bataillard followed dozens of events organized by the French Institute of Cambodia. This... Read more
Exhibition | Terrific. Movie Moments.
Terrific! That’s what we say when we come out of a movie theater after watching a good movie. Christian Milovanoff, photographer,... Read more
Exhibition | Studio Images and the francophonie
The word “francophonie” appeared for the first time around 1880, when a French geographer, Onesime Reclus, used it to... Read more
Exhibition | Sopheap Pich, from studio to fine art
Sopheap Pich’s works, all made from techniques, traditional materials and raw material dump, are an endless poetic reflection of... Read more
Exhibition | ASHES by Apichatpong Weerasethakul
— For technical reasons the exhibition ASHES by Apichatpong Weerasethakul is cancelled; the RETROSPECTIVE is still scheduled from Friday 13 to... Read more
Exhibition | Architecture Contest: Public Library
Each year, the French Institute organizes an architecture contest for students from the universities of architecture of Phnom Penh.... Read more
Exhibition | For Those Who Are No Longer There
Séra’s work never ceases to question the tragic and recent history of Cambodia. His last work “Bitter Cucumbers – the... Read more
Exhibition | City by night
Chantal Stoman started her career in the fashion industry before working on a personal project exhibited internationally. In 2013,... Read more
French Institute photo contest

From August 15 to August 30, 2016

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