Exhibition | Kbach Roam “Dance Pattern”
In 1917, George Groslier – at the time director of the National Museum of Phnom Penh and in an... Read more
Conference | Folk memory in Cambodia
Crédit photo : National Cambodian Heritage Museum & Killing Fields Memorial, US / A Memory and Migrations installation in... Read more
Conference | The Champa’s Son
In this conference, Bruno Deniel-Laurent will talk about the shooting of his documentary Cham, a documentary on the genocide... Read more
Conference | Health consequences of the Khmer Rouge regime
Organized by Anne Yvonne Guillou, Anthropologist at CNRS / IRASEC Feed rations given during the Khmer Rouge... Read more
Conference | Sothik, a stolen childhood
During a trip to Cambodia, writer Marie Desplechin met with Sothik Hok. He told her his childhood under the Khmer... Read more
Conference | Khmer’s past: how to comprehend?
This conference will showcase the first results of an ongoing study on the customs and representations of the past... Read more
Concert | Mohory
The mohory orchestra is composed of traditional Cambodian instruments such as strings (tror chhé), xylophones (roneat thong and roneat... Read more
Conference | The 4 Lives of the Fantastic Mr. Keat Chhon
Despite his modest rural background, Keat Chhon had an extraordinary life. Nuclear and Marine Engineer, senior civil servant, minister,... Read more
Our teachers

Our teachers

Learn French 13 October 2016

To ensure a good quality of teaching, the French Institute provides a team of qualified teachers who specialize in... Read more
Meeting | Séra, passer on of the Cambodian memory
While the plates of his last book and the mock-ups of the Memorial are displayed to the public in... Read more
Cinema | The Man Who Built Cambodia
Watch the trailer! The Man Who Built Cambodia is a narrative documentary exploring the life of Vann Molyvann,... Read more
Conference | Mondulkiri: Voice of the Past
On the occasion of the publication of the book “Mondulkiri: Voice of the Past”, Sylvain Vogel will lead a... Read more
Conference | The Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia

Tuesday 10 May at 6.30pm

Read more
Conference | Sale and use of drugs in Cambodia

Tuesday 26 April at 6:30 pm

Read more