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Conference | Ghosts of the past: About the four Buddhas after Angkor
What became of Angkor after Angkor? How do people remember the empire after its fall? What about its future? This conference will try to answer those questions based on new researchs about the four Buddhas in the theravadin mythos. Ghosts of the past: About the four... Read more
Conference | Legends and guardian spirits in Angkor
Organized by Anne Yvonne Guillou, CNRS / IRASEC Anthropologist Can landscapes serve as a tool in the cultural transmission? In Angkor, where traces of ancient history can be found everywhere, current inhabitants have filled the land with stories and divinities. What do they tell us? Legends and guardian... Read more
Conference | Folk memory in Cambodia
Crédit photo : National Cambodian Heritage Museum & Killing Fields Memorial, US / A Memory and Migrations installation in Long Beach, CA Organized by Anne Yvonne Guillou, Anthropologist at CNRS / IRASEC Folk memory is the sum of representations of memorable past events that members of any given... Read more
Conference | Health consequences of the Khmer Rouge regime
Organized by Anne Yvonne Guillou, Anthropologist at CNRS / IRASEC Feed rations given during the Khmer Rouge regime to groups of deported population were highly inadequate given the physical effort that was required because of forced labor, and led to generalized malnutrition. The Vietnamese invasion not only chased the Khmer... Read more
Conference | Landscapes and Beliefs in Cambodia
Organized by Anne Yvonne Guillou, Anthropologist at CNRS / IRASEC What is the relationship between landscape, time and imagination? How can landscapes bear within them long-time meanings as well as be a great tool to talk about social change? Landscapes and their associated stories are not... Read more
Conference | Mondulkiri: Voice of the Past
On the occasion of the publication of the book “Mondulkiri: Voice of the Past”, Sylvain Vogel will lead a round table on the Bunoong culture and its conservation. This book aims at promoting and preserving minority languages. If the Bunoong language and culture disappear – which is sadly not... Read more
Conference | Ritual tattoos of Cambodia

Saturday 6 February at 3pm

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Conference | Buddhist monasteries of Cambodia

Tuesday 19 January 2016 at 6.30pm

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