Exams and Certifications Exams and Certifications
The only examination center in Cambodia for validating your French skills! Exams and Certifications

The French Institute is the one and only official examination center in Cambodia for the following tests:

• DELF (Diplôme d’études en langue française)
• DALF (Diplôme approfondi de langue française)
• TCF (Test de connaissance du française)

delf-dalfDELF –DALF

Based on the CECRL, the DELF and DALF are official diplomas delivered across the world by the French Ministry of National Education. They assess the range of linguistic skills and knowledge of students of French. The exam sessions for the DELF and the DALF are organized 2 times a year, in March and September. Students can register freely for the exam they wish to attempt.


logo-delf-dalf-90DELF-DALF ALL AUDIENCE
MARCH 2018

Public: adults
Levels: A1 à C2
Exams from March 26 to March 30
Registration from February 5 to March 3
DELF PRIM’logo-delf-prim-90
MAY 2018
Public: children from 7 to 12
Levels: A1.1, A1, A2
Exams from May 21 to May 25
Registration from March 2 to March 9
DELF “SCOLAIRE”logo-delf-sco-90
JULY 2018
teenagers from 12 to 17
Levels: A1 to B2
Exams from July 9 to July 10
Registration from June 4 to June 6
Public: adults and juniors
Levels: A1 to C2
Exams from September 24 to September 28
Registration from August 6 to September 1st
DELF BATTAMBANGlogo-delf-dalf-90
Exams from October 1st to October 5
Registration from August 6 to September 1st
DELF-DALF PHNOM PENHlogo-delf-dalf-90
Levels: B1 and B2
Exams from November 12 to November 13
Registration from October 22 to November 2

How to register?

Complete the form below and bringit or send it to the French Institute. Careful: your registration will be confirmed only after the registration fees are paid.

Contact us: infocours@institutfrancais-cambodge.com
+855 (0) 12 367 335 / 012 367 337



Created and promoted by the International Centre for Pedagogical Studies (CIEP), the French language test(TCF – Test de Connaissance du Français) assesses your language skills in French.

Next exam on April 26, 2018
Registration until March 26, 2018

Download the registration form

You can take this test for:

  • Personal reasons: the TCF is a good way to find out your level of attainment in French (oral and written comprehension and expression) in order to improve it. It is a kind of linguistic x-ray of your level in French when you pass the test.
  • Professional reasons: it provides objective information that a candidate can use to certify his/her language skills in French to a business for employment or a promotion.
  • Academic reasons: based on the international standards, it provides a reliable assessment of the linguistic skills that will be taken into account for the admission into a higher education institution (universities, French “grandesécoles”, art schools, architecture schools, business schools, etc.)

Note thatcandidates willing to hand in a registration form (white, green or yellow file for the DAP – the Preliminary admission application) have to come to a specific TCF session called the TCF for the DAP.

For more information follow this link www.ciep.fr/tcfdap/

  • To obtain French nationality: the TCF meets the new requirements of the French Ministry of the Interior, Overseas France and Territorial Communities to test knowledge of the French language for applicants trying to obtain French nationality.
  • To complete your immigration application form for Québec: the TCF meets the standards of theMinistry of Immigration and Cultural Communities and the demands of people seeking to move permanently to Québec.