Institut français du Cambodge
Conference | Funerary Rituals in Khmer Manuscripts
The manuscripts engraved on latanier leaves, copied from generation to generation over centuries, were stored in the libraries of the monasteries of Cambodia. War, the Khmer Rouge regime as well as neglect led to their almost complete disappearance. Reading those that remain can... Read more
Conference | Parasites: useful or useless?
Photo : ©RMCA, 2017 Some diseases are born from micro-organisms like bacterium, viruses as well as parasites. Among those infectious agents, parasites are in constant interaction with their host. If the host starts defending itself against the parasite, the parasite has to avoid killing its host.... Read more
Conference | Theravāda Buddhism: Rules? Rites? Or Civilization?
Buddhism as practiced by the elders (theravāda) claims to come closest to the experience of a man of high rank who discovered the inanities of mundane life based on the satisfaction of one’s desires. He came to the conclusion that the solution was... Read more
Conference | Eradicating Malaria: Why is Cambodia the Center of the World?
Photo : ©Institut Pasteur For over 20 years, the number of people dying of malaria has decreased thanks to effective treatments. However, progress is at risk of being swept away by the surfacing of insects resistant to treatment in Cambodia. The eradication of malaria in the... Read more
Ocarina Workshops | What Lies Behind the Masks
Let your imagination run wild in this workshop where you will know all about film make-up and what happens behind the scenes! Fancy a pirate scar, or crooked nose like a witch? Unless you’d rather a green complexion or an ungraceful wart? Thanks to the technique of the cinema... Read more
Conférence | Father Ponchaud, History’s witness
Photo : ©Eléanore Sok Father François Ponchaud, 79, discovered Cambodia in 1965. Witness to evacuation of Phnom Penh in 1975, he was the first person to alert the West about the scale of the crimes committed by the Khmer Rouge, especially in his book, Cambodia: Year Zero. On the... Read more
Conference | Florence Aubenas, International Correspondent
Florence Aubenas covered numerous events in Rwanda, Kosovo, Algeria, Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as several renown lawsuits in France – specifically, during the Outreau trials, where she made a name for herself by being one of the first to express her doubts about the culpability of the accused,... Read more
Conference | Theravāda Buddhism in Khmer Lands
The appearance of Theravāda buddhism in Khmer lands during the second half of the 12th century, under the reign of Jayavarman VII (1270/1271 – 1295) is traditionally paralleled with Sri Lanka, according to the Burmese Chronicle, otherwise known as Glass Palace Chronicle. What... Read more
Ocarina Workshops | Let the Dragon Through!
For the Chinese New Year, dive into a fascinating world made of lively traditions and dragon myths! Armed with their brushes and aprons, the participants of this workshop will discover the secrets of the articulated Chinese Dragon, and will be invited to create their own specimen! They will then... Read more
Media Library | Illustrated reading: Costa Brava
Costa Brava is the name of the precious poodle brought back from Spain by Uncle José. A dog of plaster and glitter with the peculiar ability to predict the weather: it turns blue when it’s sunny, pink when it rains. Pierre ends up shattering it, disrupting the weather as... Read more
Workshop | Magic Lanterns
Mix shadow theater and cinema through drawings, a lamp torch, and a contact lens! Create your very own animated movie as well as a home-made projector! From 6 years old Magic Lanterns Led by Sarah Richardot, in partnership with Fotokino association Saturday 9 December from 10am to 12:30pm egistration:... Read more
Conference | Contract Farming, from ideal to paradigm?
Contract farming is one of the top legal tools to achieve poverty reduction and economic growth in Cambodia, where 80% of the population lives in rural areas. Nevertheless, in case where it is misused, the farmer is placed in a state of economic dependency. Contract... Read more
Media Library | Story Time with Ocarina
Once a month, Marie Fisher, childcare worker at “Jardin d’éveil”, will set up home at the French Institute for a journey dedicated to your children! Travel through lands in which laughter and imagination reign, and embark on breathtaking adventures! Through the sound of her voice, but also through different... Read more
Exhibition | (Re)building Phnom Penh
Nicolas Wild is the author of several graphic novels (Kaboul Disco 1 & 2, Silent Was Zarathoustra), invited in December 2016 by the Institute for a graphic report on the many urban mutations of Phnom Penh. For Nicolas, there are 3 ways of conducting a graphic report:... Read more