Shadow Theater | Rama and the Monkey Soldiers
When Tupi, a buffalo killing all living beings on his path, meets Pealy, the Monkey King, a legendary misunderstanding... Read more
Conférence | Father Ponchaud, History’s witness
Father François Ponchaud, 79, discovered Cambodia in 1965. Witness to evacuation of Phnom Penh in 1975, he was the... Read more
Concert | Achille & Impressions
Behind this famous warrior’s name (Achille is French for Achilles) is a delicate and refine young woman. An alias... Read more
Conference | Florence Aubenas, International Correspondent
Florence Aubenas covered numerous events in Rwanda, Kosovo, Algeria, Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as several renown lawsuits in... Read more
Exhibition | Lola Reboud & Le Studio Images – Between Documentary and Fiction
The work of Lola Reboud oscillates between fiction and documentary, and shows both locations and characters in a mysterious... Read more