Institut français du Cambodge
Conference | Cambodia Today: Crossed Portraits
Photo : ©Daze In this new edition of 100 questions on Cambodia, Amat and Morinière asked nine experts of the country questions that you have also asked yourselves. Everyone contributes to this work through their domain of expertise, shaking up preconceived ideas and rejecting cliches. Meanwhile, in her essay... Read more
Exhibition | Philong Sovan & Clément Briend: Shared Residency
Philong Sovan and Clément Briend have both been trained at the National School Louis Lumière in Paris. They share a similar approach in the way they work by staging reality: spectacular projections for French artist Clément Briend, dramatization of night scenes for Cambodian artist Philong Sovan. For this residency,... Read more
Dance | Storytelling
Photo : ©All rights reserved In this new piece, the ingenious choreographer and iconic dancer Belle wishes to share with us the most beautiful stories and Khmer texts that have marked her chilhood and formative years. Thus, just for a dance, let... Read more
Dance | Dance at IFC
Photo : ©All rights reserved One Wednesday a month, for four months, choreographer Chumvan Sodhachivy (Belle), a true icon of Cambodian contemporary dance, and her company SilverBell will present their new creations. Each performance of about forty-five minutes will perform on a striking and meaningful dance theme. 04 September... Read more
Conference | Asian Strategic Area: Trends and Developments
Photo : ©All rights reserved The core gravity of the planet has slowly drifted from the Euro-Atlantic area that has been organizing the world until now towards a vast Asian area, the consistency of which has yet to be strengthened. Whether it is the maritime area, vital for the... Read more
Conference | Pre-Historic Cambodia: Animal Bones
Photo : ©All rights reserved The excavation of the cave of Laang Spean, in North-West Cambodia, searched since 2009 by a French-Cambodian team led by H. Forestier and H. Sophady, has unearthed many tools attributed to the Hoabian culture (30 000 to 5000 years old). Thousands of animal bones... Read more
Dance | Blindfold
Photo : ©All rights reserved Many questions about the past are raised in this new piece of Belle. Questions about the history of Cambodia, but also about Humanity… Still so very fragile… At least in the eyes of the choreographer. How can... Read more
Conference | Strategical Uncertainties and Regional Issues at The Beginning of the 21st Century
Photo : ©Droits réservés Thirty years after the end of the Cold War, the planet has entered a “strategical waste ground”, where players keep multiplying and compete in new and vague areas, contrasting with the well-defined map of the past. All of this contributes to an uncertain and anxious... Read more
Exhibition | Festival Photo Phnom Penh 2019
The major photography rendez-vous of South-East Asia celebrates its 10th edition this year!! 10 years, 10 editions: the kick off will take place, once again, at the French Institute of Cambodia, the main partner of the festival since its creation in 2008. True to the orientations that were taken... Read more
Concert | Phnom Penh on a Beach
Photo ©All rights reserved It’s raining, the beach is far away … So we bring it to Phnom Penh! Celebrate Phnom Penh on the Beach at Le Bistrot: BBQ, parasols, mojitos, sun loungers, fine sand… and with DJ Shaman as your DJ! A beach party to dance and forget... Read more
Conference | Girls’ Education Makes the World a Better Place
Photo : ©CHHAI Na More than half of the children who drop out of school worldwide are girls. In view of this, journalist Tina Kieffer started the Toutes à l’école Association in 2005. Its mission: to offer a high quality education to the most impoverished girls, to enable them... Read more
Dance | Trinomial
Photo : ©All rights reserved Belle decides to coach three of her many followers and to give them carte blanche, so all can express themselves on stage in the choreograph of their choice, while giving them common thread to follow. Their goal:... Read more
Exhibition | Aboard a Khmer “Touk”: Illustrated Sailing with Guillaume Reynard
Illustration: ©Guillaume Reynard Great traveler as well as prolific and talented illustrator, Guillaume Reynard combines his two passions to create sketches on the fly, such as travel diaries and reports, graphic novels, exhibitions, illustrations … Most of all, Guillaume likes to draw by the waterside! His journey on the... Read more
Dance | Resilience 2.0
Photo : ©All rights reserved Resilience 2.0 is the continuity of the first piece that presented by Belle and the very promising and talented dancer Kakou in September 2017. Through this new iteration, one can see the evolution of the piece from... Read more