Institut français du Cambodge
Concert | Black Ant
Born out of the musical scene of Phnom Penh, the Black Ant band is delighted to produce itself for a concert dedicated to Blues-Rock classics. A festive evening inviting you to rock your hips – and other limbs – on the stage of the Institute! With Prum Vantha (basse... Read more
Exhibition | People & Space / Khiev Kanel & Le Studio Images
One can find multiple meanings for the words “people” and “space”. Here, Khiev Kanel wants to show the relationship between the two notions. Space is nothing without the people living in it. People are nothing without their environment. Even if they inhabit what surrounds them every day, they are,... Read more
Concert | Cambodian Drums
60 percussionists of the Department of Performing Arts from the Cambodian Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts are reunited for a unique concert dedicated to the art of traditional and contemporary Cambodian drums. The 60 musicians will in turn, together or in small number, play on the wide diversity... Read more
Concert | Trio Band
Well-known of the Rock, Blues and Jazz scene in Phnom Penh, the Trio band invite you for an evening dedicated to music, dance and smiles at Le Bistrot de l’Institut. With Mr. Khemara (acoustic guitar) Mr. Chhoeurn Veasna (bass guitar) Mr. Rin Theyrith (violin) and Bun Sambath (piano) Trio... Read more
Dance | Belle – Creation
On the occasion of the performance of the Ballet Preljocaj at the Chenla Theater of Phnom Penh, Belle had created and presented in prime time of the performance an extract of a new creation. After finishing her work, the famous Khmer choreographer is proud to present her creation in... Read more
Conference | Parasites: useful or useless?
Photo : ©RMCA, 2017 Some diseases are born from micro-organisms like bacterium, viruses as well as parasites. Among those infectious agents, parasites are in constant interaction with their host. If the host starts defending itself against the parasite, the parasite has to avoid killing its host.... Read more
Exhibition | Thang Sothea
This exhibition will showcase the latest creations of the Cambodian artist Thang Sothea, including pieces created for the exhibition. Thang Sothea reveals through a careful set up made from traditional materials – such as hemp, wood, stones and palm leaves – forms that bring us back to a child’s... Read more
Concert | 4 Peace Band
Created in 2016, the 4 Peace Band, famous Cambodian band, will invite you to dance until the end of the night on their rendering of tubes and melodies from international pop music! A evening dedicated to relaxation in the garden of the Institute, transformed into a dance-floor for one... Read more
Conference | Theravāda Buddhism: Rules? Rites? Or Civilization?
Buddhism as practiced by the elders (theravāda) claims to come closest to the experience of a man of high rank who discovered the inanities of mundane life based on the satisfaction of one’s desires. He came to the conclusion that the solution was... Read more
Dance | Ballet Preljocaj – Fragments
Angelin Preljocaj is unanimously considered as one of the most important choreographers of his generation. With 7 of his choreographies now included in the repertoire of the National Opera of Paris, his creations are performed on all the international dancing scenes. After a residency at Lycée Français René Descartes,... Read more
Exhibition | Art in the Park
Created for the exhibition that took place in the park of the French Embassy several weeks ago, the works of 7 Cambodian artists will this time connect with the environment of the French Institute of Cambodia. These 7 artists of very different aesthetic registers have in common their questioning... Read more
Exhibition | Leang Seckon. New Works.
Mixing collage and painting in his work, Leang Seckon takes another look at History moments and the Cambodian daily life. His compositions puts together objetcs, incence, maps, and bits of advertising posters. Graduate from the Royal University of Fine Arts of Phnom Penh, Leang Seckon is regarded as a... Read more
Conference | Eradicating Malaria: Why is Cambodia the Center of the World?
Photo : ©Institut Pasteur For over 20 years, the number of people dying of malaria has decreased thanks to effective treatments. However, progress is at risk of being swept away by the surfacing of insects resistant to treatment in Cambodia. The eradication of malaria in the... Read more
DJ Set with Drums | DJ Remix and Mr Pineapple
DJ Remix and Mr. Pineapple invite to an evening dedicated to world music! Alongside DJ Remix on the drums and cajón, Mr. Pineapple will play a selection of rare tracks from Africa and Latin America. After a break, they’ll come back with a Disco & Funk selection, with a... Read more