Institut français du Cambodge
Dance | Storytelling
Photo : ©All rights reserved In this new piece, the ingenious choreographer and iconic dancer Belle wishes to share with us the most beautiful stories and Khmer texts that have marked her chilhood and formative years. Thus, just for a dance, let... Read more
Dance | Blindfold
Photo : ©All rights reserved Many questions about the past are raised in this new piece of Belle. Questions about the history of Cambodia, but also about Humanity… Still so very fragile… At least in the eyes of the choreographer. How can... Read more
Cinema | Animation Festival 2019
The French Institute organizes, from October 9 to October 12, the Animation Film Festival ! During this event, we invite you to attend the screening of the movie Funan, director Denis Do’s first film on the story of a family subjected to the Khmer Rouge dictatorship. Dilili in Paris is... Read more
Concert | Phnom Penh on a Beach
Photo ©All rights reserved It’s raining, the beach is far away … So we bring it to Phnom Penh! Celebrate Phnom Penh on the Beach at Le Bistrot: BBQ, parasols, mojitos, sun loungers, fine sand… and with DJ Shaman as your DJ! A beach party to dance and forget... Read more
Dance | Trinomial
Photo : ©All rights reserved Belle decides to coach three of her many followers and to give them carte blanche, so all can express themselves on stage in the choreograph of their choice, while giving them common thread to follow. Their goal:... Read more
Exhibition | Aboard a Khmer “Touk”: Illustrated Sailing with Guillaume Reynard
Illustration: ©Guillaume Reynard Great traveler as well as prolific and talented illustrator, Guillaume Reynard combines his two passions to create sketches on the fly, such as travel diaries and reports, graphic novels, exhibitions, illustrations … Most of all, Guillaume likes to draw by the waterside! His journey on the... Read more