Institut français du Cambodge
Cinema | Last days in Shibati
In the immense Chinese city of Chonging, the last old quarter is about to disappear. Watch the trailer!   Last days in Shibati by Hendrick Dusollier (2017) Wednesday 11th December at 7pm $2 full fare / $1 Media Library members / Free... Read more
Cinema | Plot 35
French actor Éric Caravaca confronts a mystery what happened to his parents’ first child, Christine, who died at age three in Algeria before the director was born? Watch the trailer!   Plot 35 By ​Eric Caravaca (2017) Wednesday 27th November at 7pm... Read more
Cinema | In The Forest of Huckybucky
Il fait bon vivre dans la forêt de Oukybouky. Pourtant, ses habitants doivent rester prudents car certains voisins ont parfois le ventre creux et les dents longues… Voir la bande annonce !   In The Forest of Huckybucky By Rasmus A. Sivertsen (2016) Samedi 19 octobre à 10h / Samedi... Read more
Cinema | Reset
Reset documents the creation Benjamin Millepied’s first ballet as Artistic Director of the Paris Opera Ballet, the oldest national ballet company in the world, and one of the most prestigious. The appointment of Millepied, best-known for his choreography for the film... Read more
Cinema | Documentary of the Month
New in our cinema program: the documentary rendez-vous of the month! Discover a French documentary once a month, chosen for its various and diverse themes. A rendez-vous to expand your horizon! ____________________________________________________________ Cassandro The Exotico! Wednesday 18 September at 7pm by Marie Losier (2018) – 73mn / English OV... Read more
Cinema | Dilili in Paris
In Belle Époque Paris, accompanied by a young scooter deliveryman, little Kanak Dilili investigates mysterious kidnappings of girls. She meets extraordinary men and women who give her clues. She discovered underground very particular villains, male masters. The two friends will fight with enthusiasm for an active life in the... Read more
Cinema | Funan
1975. The survival and fight of Chou, a young Cambodian mother, during the Khmer Rouge revolution, to find her 4-year-old son, snatched from his family by the regime. Watch the trailer!   Funan By Denis Do (2018) Friday 11 October at 7pm $2 full fare / $1 Media Library members... Read more
Cinema | A Man Is Dead
Brest, 1950. The city is in midst of post-war re-construction. Workers are on strike calling in vain for higher wages. P’tit Zef, Edouard, Désiré and Paulette are four friends, all factory workers. Like everyone else in Brest, they take part in the demonstrations organized by labor union when the... Read more
Cinema | Wardi
Beirut, Lebanon, Today. Wardi, an eleven-year-old Palestinian girl, lives with her whole family in the refugee camp where she was born. Her beloved great-grandfather Sidi was one of the first people to settle in the camp after being chased from his home back in 1948. The day Sidi gives... Read more
Cinema | Animation Festival 2019
The French Institute organizes, from October 9 to October 12, the Animation Film Festival ! During this event, we invite you to attend the screening of the movie Funan, director Denis Do’s first film on the story of a family subjected to the Khmer Rouge dictatorship. Dilili in Paris is... Read more
Cinema | M
Lila has a paralyzing speech impediment. Mo is chatty and exuberant. They fall in love. But Mo carries a secret burden. Watch the trailer !   M By Sara Forestier (2017) Saturday 21st September at 2:30pm / Friday 18th October at 7pm $2 full fare / $1 Media Library members... Read more
Cinema | Next Door Spy
Ten-year old Agathe-Christine, fancy mysteries and from the basement in the building, she has established a small detective bureau. Watch the trailer! Next Door Spy by Karla Von Bengtson (2017) From 6 years old Saturday 21st September at 10am / Saturday 5th October at 10am $2 plein tarif / $1... Read more
Cinema | The Midwife
A midwife gets unexpected news from her father’s old mistress. Watch the trailer !   The Midwife By Martin Provost (2017) Friday 20 September at 7pm, Saturday 19 October at 2:30pm $2 full fare / $1 Media Library members / Free for IFC students French OV with English subtitles Read more
Cinema | Samples from the Cannes Film Festival
From October 26th to November 3rd, the French Institute of Cambodia offers a discovery of the latest films presented during the Cannes Film Festival 2018! For a unique cinema series, Davy Chou, French-Cambodian director, selected about twenty films from the many categories of the Festival, aiming at highlighting the... Read more