Institut français du Cambodge
Cinema | Minuscule 2 : Mandibles From Far Away
When the first snow falls in the valley, it is urgent to prepare one’s reserves for the winter.  Watch the trailer !   Minuscule 2 : Mandibles From Far Away by Thomas Szabo & Hélène Giraud (2017) Tickets: $3 (single fare) no dialogue Read more
Cinema | Spirou & Fantasio’s Big Adventure
When Spirou, supposedly a groom in a Palace, meets Fantasio, reporter scupper, everything starts rather badly! Watch the trailer!   Spirou & Fantasio’s Big Adventure by Alexandre Coffre (2018) Saturday 9 & 16 February at 10am Tickets: 2$ (1$ for Media Library members) / Free for IFC students French OV... Read more
Dance | 3 Days of Dance
For 3 days, the French Institute will welcome several artists from the Cambodian contemporary dance in its walls for three evenings of original creation and open air performances on the IFC car park. With Nam Narim as opening act, join us for the performances of New Cambodian Artists on... Read more
Conference | “Cambodia, Here I Am”
After the screening of the play “Cambodia, Here I Am”, Jean-Baptiste Phou will discuss with the audience as well as present the conference series “Swaying Identities”, led by Cambodian Living Arts and the French Institute of Cambodia. Organized in two underlying themes, this conference series will... Read more
Exhibition | Virtual Wanderings in Angkor
The French Institute invites you to a virtual voyage in the heart of the temples of Angkor! (Re)discover the West Mebon, the Victory Gate, the Baphuon, but also the unknown Chau Srei Vibol, thanks to an innovative and immersive installation, fruit of the latest 3D technology. Big screen videos... Read more
Media Library | Story Time with Ocarina
Once a month, Natacha Pollon, childcare worker at “Jardin d’éveil”, will set up home at the French Institute for a journey dedicated to your children! Travel through lands in which laughter and imagination reign, and embark on breathtaking adventures! Through the sound of her voice, but also through different... Read more
Cinema | Ernest & Célestine, The Collection
The original and exciting adventures of a big offbeat bear and a mischievous little mouse. Watch the trailer!   Ernest & Célestine, The Collection by Julien Chheng & Jean-Christophe Roger (2017) Saturday 26 January at 11am/ Saturday 2 February at 11am Tickets: 2$ (1$ for Media Library members) /... Read more
Workshop | Flipbook with Fotokino
The flip-book is like a pocket movie: light, easy to carry around and to understand, it’s the perfect object to introduce a wide audience to the basis of cinema. ​This is the reaction of a “pocket cinema”, a booklet drawn in 24 images telling a short story. Flipbook with... Read more
Cinema | Memoir of war
Marguerite must navigate through the hardships of the Liberation after losing her husband and starting a relationship with the enemy during the War. Watch The trailer!   Memoir of war by Emmanuel Finkiel (2018) Saturday 26 January at 2:30pm & Friday 1st February at 7pm Tickets: 2$ (1$ for Media... Read more
Conference | Khmers and Angkor: Khmer Who? Angkor What?
A famous author wrote in 1947 “Khmers are simply Phnong converted to Hinduism”. That is to say, before the arrival of Hindus in 50 BC, Khmers were barely more than “savages”. This doesn’t fit historical truth, no more than it is true. We will try here to give a... Read more
Atelier | Muybridge avec Fotokino
From photograms drawn from the experiences of Eadweard Muybridge, creation of a short animated film (elephant, donkey, pig, monkey, centaur). Muybridge with Fotokino In partnership with the Fotokino association Saturday, January 19th at 10am Young audience from 6 years old and adults $ 10. Registration at the following address:... Read more
Cinema | When Margaux meets Margaux
Margaux, 20, meets Margaux, 45. Turns out they’re the same woman at two different stages of her life.Watch the trailer !   When Margaux meets Margaux by Sophie Fillières (2017) Friday 11 January at 7pm Tickets: 2$ (1$ for Media Library members) / Free for IFC students French OV... Read more
Exhibition | Identities. A proposal by Sovan Philong
Photo : ©Neak Sophal Philong Sovan, a Cambodian artist photographer of great renown, intervenes here as curator of an exhibition on the subject of portrait, of which we know that it is one of the oldest themes of art, which has produced an abundant literature of historians, philosophers of... Read more
The French Institute will be closed to the public from December 24th through January 1st. Le Bistrot will be closed from December 24th through January 8th. The Languages Center remains open at usual opening hours except on December 25th and January 1st. Happy holidays to all! Read more