Institut français du Cambodge
Le Bistrot Workshop | Galettes des rois
Come draw kings and queens around the galettes made by our chefs! Create your crown with the Media Library teams, and taste the traditional galette des rois after creating your own… A workshop to feast on! Galettes des rois Saturday 18th January at 11:30am and 2pm From 7 years old... Read more
Media Library | In the morning «Minecraft»
Let your creativity lead you in the universe of this famous game that has only your imagination as limit … and build everything that goes through your mind! In the morning «Minecraft» Saturday 18th January at 10am and 11:15am With Chantara From 7 years old Register via Media... Read more
Conference | Cambodia Today: Crossed Portraits
Photo : ©Daze In this new edition of 100 questions on Cambodia, Amat and Morinière asked nine experts of the country questions that you have also asked yourselves. Everyone contributes to this work through their domain of expertise, shaking up preconceived ideas and rejecting cliches. Meanwhile, in her essay... Read more
Cinema | Amin
Amin came from Senegal to work in France far from his family. In France, there is nothing but work, no friends but the people he lives with.. Watch the trailer !   Amin By Philippe Faucon (2018) Friday 13 December at 7pm / Saturday 21 December at 2:30pm 2 full... Read more
Cinema | Zazie In The Subway
Zazie sets out to explore Paris during a Métro strike with her uncle. Can a little girl cause so much chaos in the heart of the city? Watch the trailer !   Zazie In The Subway By Louis Malle (1960) Saturday 9 November at 10am (canceled) / Saturday 21 December... Read more
Cinema | Corniche Kennedy
A young group of teenagers enjoying their summer on the beach of Marseille France get involved in some drugs trafficking. Watch the trailer ! <  Corniche Kennedy By Dominique Cabrera (2016) Friday 6 December at 7pm / Friday 20 December at 7pm 2 full fare / $1 Media Library members... Read more
Institute | End of the Year Closure
Photo : ©all rights reserved The French Institute will be closed to the public for the holidays from December 23rd through January 1st. Le Bistrot will close until January 8th. The Language Center remains open at the usual opening hours except on December 25th, December 31st and January 1st. The team of... Read more
Cinema | Louis & Luca – The Big Cheese Race
A secret bet between Solan and Olvar O. Kleppvold, he loses the house and workshop of the genious inventor Reodor Felgen, and they both bring their allies in the fight to win. watch the trailer!   Louis & Luca – The Big Cheese Race By Rasmus A. Sivertsen (2015) Saturday... Read more
Cinema | Last days in Shibati
In the immense Chinese city of Chonging, the last old quarter is about to disappear. Watch the trailer!   Last days in Shibati by Hendrick Dusollier (2017) Wednesday 11th December at 7pm $2 full fare / $1 Media Library members / Free... Read more
Cinema | Documentary of the Month
New in our cinema program: the documentary rendez-vous of the month! Discover a French documentary once a month, chosen for its various and diverse themes. A rendez-vous to expand your horizon! ____________________________________________________________ Cassandro The Exotico! Wednesday 18 September at 7pm by Marie Losier (2018) – 73mn / English OV... Read more
Cinema | Northern Wind
A man in Northern France and a man in the Suburbs of Tunis have their destinies mirror each other. Watch the trailer !   Northern Wind By Walid Mattar (2017) Friday 8 November at 7pm / Saturday 7 December at 2:30pm 2 full fare / $1 Media Library members /... Read more
Exhibition | Philong Sovan & Clément Briend: Shared Residency
Philong Sovan and Clément Briend have both been trained at the National School Louis Lumière in Paris. They share a similar approach in the way they work by staging reality: spectacular projections for French artist Clément Briend, dramatization of night scenes for Cambodian artist Philong Sovan. For this residency,... Read more
Dance | Storytelling
Photo : ©All rights reserved In this new piece, the ingenious choreographer and iconic dancer Belle wishes to share with us the most beautiful stories and Khmer texts that have marked her chilhood and formative years. Thus, just for a dance, let... Read more
Dance | Dance at IFC
Photo : ©All rights reserved One Wednesday a month, for four months, choreographer Chumvan Sodhachivy (Belle), a true icon of Cambodian contemporary dance, and her company SilverBell will present their new creations. Each performance of about forty-five minutes will perform on a striking and meaningful dance theme. 04 September... Read more